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Warning: Once you start playing these math games, it's hard to stop.

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(ME)2 By the Sea ConferenceTeaming up with Technology to Strengthen Math Skills with Web-based Interactive Games and Activities


Supporting evidence:

U.S. Dept. of Education-National Mathematics Advisory Panel Final Report
Foundations for Success-Mathematics Advisory Panel
Computing Technology for Math Excellence

What are Virtual Manipulatives and Why Should I Used them in my Classroom?
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

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Visual Math Dictionary for Kids-refresher for grownups!geniusboxing.gif
ECDC Library-Motivational Math Games Page

Basic Skills Practice

Expanded Number Form
Greater than, less than, equal to practice-Genius Boxing Conference demonstration

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Spacey MathConference demonstration
Math MayhemConference demonstration
Math-O-Additio (also available in Multiplication and Division) Conference demonstration
Multiplication Concentration


Jude e-Clock activity ( Change the face of the clock for more options) Conference demonstration
Time for Time (includes a ticking second hand ) Conference demonstration
Time Teller
Elasped Time Conference demonstration


Counting Money Conference demonstration
Cash Out Game
Count the Money-NLVM

plvpirates.gifPlace Value-grade 3-5

Power Football

Place Value-grades 4 & 5

Place Value-Builder Ted Conference demonstration
Place Value-Place Value Pirates Conference demonstration
Place Value/Decimal-Death to Decimals
Place Value-Decimals of the Caribbean Conference demonstration


Pizza Fractions Conference demonstration
Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Bars
Visualizing Percentages The percentage relationship is displayed visually two different ways) Conference demonstration
Lesson Description-fractionsInterger_Bar_Monster.gif
Integer Bars:Learning fractions Conference demonstration
Lesson Plan for Fraction Bars
Exploring with Fraction Bars
Math Bars-easy to manipulate Conference demonstration
Flowering Fractions-(adding up to a whole)


Pie chart-Input data and a pie chart is created-good visual presentation Conference demonstration


Interactive Geoboard Conference demonstration
Tangram Challenge-NCTM
Pattern Blocks Conference demonstration
Geometry-Estimating and measuring angles
Banana Hunt Conference demonstration
Squirt the Dog Conference demonstration

Fruit Picker
Space Angles


Measuring Angles with a Protractor (interactive manipulative) Conference demonstration


Locate the AliensName the coordinates of a point on a graph
Space Boy to the Rescue Locate the coordinates
Coordinate Grid-Stock the Shelves game Fun, fun, fun Conference demonstration


Measuring area and perimeter-rectangles-problem-based learning lesson Conference demonstration

Measurement Help Jack the Builder decide which unit of measurement to use
Volume-Artie Ounces Soda Jerk
Volume-Fill the Cube (Illuminations)
Reading a scale, estimating and converting between units
Mattew Metirc's Gum Parlor Metric Conversions
Animal Weigh In- Metric weights
Match the equivalent customary measures matching game

Probability and Statistics

Probability Spinner- design your own spinner Conference demonstration
Probability game (Chance-impossible, unlikely, even chance, likely, certain) Conference demonstration
Interpreting Data Conference demonstration
Mode, median, and mean practice

Jeopardy Math-fun for the whole class

jeopardy1A.ppt 2nd grade-Time, Money, Addition, Subtraction, and Patterns
jeopardy2A.ppt. 3rd grade-Time, Money, Addition, Subtraction, and Solve for N Conference demonstration
jeopardy4B-1.ppt Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Potpourri
fraction4.ppt fractions
jeopardy3A.ppt Money, measurement, Addition, Subtraction, and Fractions
blankjeopardy.ppt Create your own Jeopardy Game!
Jeopardy Game generator


Literature-Math Connections:

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Smartbooks-Browse by Math Strand

Children's book authors

Loreen Leedy
Stuart Murphy math books