Created and Presented by Eleanor M. Savko

Great! I have the blank jeopardy file. Now, how do I create my own jeopardy game using this blank format.

The hard part has been done for you--you have the easy part!  Before we begin, you will need to download the Blank Jeopardy game from the web site.  Open it by clicking on it.  Go to File, Save As, Save it to your Desktop or to a flash drive.  Presuming that you have saved it to a flash drive. . .

1.  The flash drive is in connected.

2.  Open PowerPoint and click in the radial button, open an existing presentation.

3.  Click on the down arrow by "Look in" and choose flash drive.

4.  Choose Blank Jeopardy and click on Open.

5.  Decide on your categories at the top. You need 5 categories.

6.  If you want to change the color of the font, highlight the category, click on the font color button's down arrow and choose the color of your choice.

7.  Double click in the first blank category and begin typing your first category. Continue to do this for all five categories. Click on File, Save As to save your work. You will want to give it a name, e.g. Science ch. 5 review.

This will leave your "blank jeopardy file", blank for you to create other games.

8.  Go to the lower left hand corner and choose the Slide Sorter View.

9.  Choose the second slide and double click on it.

10.  If you do not have the DRAW toolbar at the bottom of your screen, go to VIEW, Toolbars, and click on Drawing. You should now see the Draw toolbar.

11.  Click on the Text button.  Click again to position the text box on your slide toward the top and in the middle.

12.  Begin typing your first answer.

13.  Double Click on slide 3, repeat step 11 and type your question. Remember the format of Jeopardy. The answer is in the form of a question.

14.  Periodically, save your work by clicking on the little diskette in your menu bar.

15.  Each slide is in order, going down the category e.g.: First category on the far left for 1 point is slide number 2 and 3. First category for 2 points is slide number 4 and 5 etc.

16.  If you want to include two "daily doubles", just change the color of the question and answer to yellow. We included two daily doubles because we play with two teams and would like each team to have the opportunity to score a daily double. But as you know, it doesn't always work out that way!

If you ever need any assistance, don't hesitate to email me:

Enjoy creating and playing Jeopardy!

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